How Group Texting Works

Guess what? Text Carrier makes it super easy.

1. Create your groups.

A group is a text messaging list. Each group can have a different purpose; like general communications, cancellations, weather alerts, parent reminders, youth group reminders, and so on. This allows you to separate contacts based on type of texts they want to receive. Each group is represented by a name and unique keyword.

Keywords allow potential subscribers to join your list via text.

Example: Text CHURCH to 800-XXX-XXXX to join the general communications list.

Each group will have a unique keyword, so potential subscribers can join by text. Once you have all groups setup, you can focus on growing your list.

Create your group texting list

2. Add subscribers.

Let people know how they can join your text messaging groups. Create flyers, post on social media, verbal announcements, promote on over head projectors, display in pamphlets, use radio shout-outs, install a website signup form, and utilize paper signup forms. The more creative you are with your group promotion, the better.

Check out these 3 great ways to grow your group texting list.

  • Contacts can text a group's keyword to your Text Carrier phone number. Moments after, they'll receive a customized, automated response that confirms their subscription. Once this happens, they're added to that text messaging group.
  • Install a web widget. You can embed a signup form directly onto your site. Use Text Carrier's widget builder to create your own customized signup page or embeddable widget. After the widget is installed, subscribers can select the groups they want to join, enter their mobile number, and hit "Sign Up".
  • Use paper signup forms. Each form must display a purpose statement, which notifys the subscriber what they're signing up for. It also must show a proper compliance statement, which gives instructions on how to opt out, get help and states that message and data rates may apply.
Grow your group text messaging list

3. Send your text.

Once your list has grown, you can send group texts. Remember, your groups represent individual purposes. When you send a group text, you can target a group, multiple groups or single numbers. You can also schedule messages in advance. Texts can be scheduled to a group, multiple groups, or single contacts.

Once your text has been sent, people can easily reply. All replies will be seen in the inbox section of the Text Carrier dashboard. From there, you can engage in private 2-way conversations with subscribers.

Send your group texting campaign

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