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It's everything you need to make group texting a breeze.

Group text messaging

Unlimited Contact Groups

You can group your contacts by interest, type of communication, location, and so on. Each group is a different text messaging list. You can send to a single group, multiple groups, or single contact -- with the click of a button.

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Rolling Expiration Dates

Don't waste time tracking the expiration of every single offer. This feature calculates out an offer expiration for each individual subscriber. Decide how long you want the offer to last (i.e. 7 days) and then our system plugs in the specific date.

Have two-way conversations with your subscribers

Two Way Messaging

2 way messaging helps you strengthen contact relationships. After sending a text, an individual subscriber can reply. You can engage in a private conversation with this recepient, similar to an email inbox exchange.

Send polls to your subscribers via text

Text to Vote

Our group texting service offers contact polling. Need to gather some customer research? Want to get feedback on a new product or service? Send out a poll. You can fire it out to your group(s), and then watch as results are sent back in real time.

Schedule your group text messages

Message Scheduling

Group texting lends itself to message scheduling. With our service, you can schedule messages far in advance. This gets the everyday maintenance out of the way, so you can focus on strict back and forth communication with individual contacts.

Send polls to your subscribers via text

Link Tracking

Want to know just how many clicks your links are receiving? No problem. Our link tracking features allows you to measure the level of interest for each campaign. The more you know what your contacts want, the better your engagement will be.

Get your own dedicated text messaging number

Dedicated 10 Digit Local Number

After setting up your Text Carrier plan, you can select a unique ten digit phone number for your account. This number is exclusively for your use, and never shared with other account holders. Feel free to choose a local area code.

Our platform will grow with you

We Support Lists of Any Size

You can send your group text to two people or 2,000. At Text Carrier, we support all businesses and organizations; both big and small. We offer a diverse range of pricing options to fit your needs.

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Automated Birthday Texts

The best way to increase customer loyalty? Send out a free treat on their birthday. We have an automated birthday reward feature that fires out a message of your choosing to subscribers on their special day.

Send polls to your subscribers via text

Detailed Analytics

What's marketing worth if you're not measuring the results of each campaign? With Text Carrier, we provide detailed analytics for each message sent. Keep a close eye on your number of opt outs, as this will determine the success of your campaign.

Get your own dedicated text messaging number

Inbox Auto Replies

If new subscribers reply to your initial auto reply, have no fear. Their message will go right to your Text Carrier inbox. From there, you can communicate with each individual back and forth using our 2 way messaging feature.

Get your own dedicated text messaging number

Link Shortening

Save space in your group text message by using our link shortening tool. The more characters you have available to you, the more you can focus on your message, and not the URL. Keep your message clean and simple with our tool.

Adjust your texting plan at any time

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

You have our word: we'll never sell you something you just don't need. With Text Carrier, there's no contracts, hidden fees, or annual commitments. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Your account information is secure with TextCarrier

256 Bit SSL Encryption

Be confident that your information is secure. It all rests behind an industry standard 256 bit SSL encryption. We will never sell or share your information to third party solicitors.

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